Cobalt is offering a complete range of sport boats, overnighters, ski boats and sport cruisers. Sport cruisers offer the a smooth ride, luxurious amenities, and high-tech construction of a larger boat with the versatility of a smaller sportboat.

Both were already high-volume producers of pleasure boats and sport cruisers. Manufacturers are likely to continue to develop new, sportier sport-cruisers in the coming years. Take the most-advanced, best-performing sport cruisers and compare with any model of equal displacement in any other class and it will fall flat on its face in every performance parameter.

The contoured bow seating of those sport cruisers offers room and scope, as does the curved bench just ahead of a walk-thru transom. Also included in those sport cruisers, are concealed ladder port-side brings swimmers safely out of the water. Hour to hour, year to year, the sport cruiser will answer the call of days exceptionally well spent. You may leave your watch at the dock.

Very few cruisers, even so-called sport-cruisers, will embarrass the Cobalt on a curvy sea. The seven sport-cruisers assembled here are pretty sparse in those regards, but they represent the newest and, to us, one of the most interesting niches in boating.