Rugged monitors are used in industrial and military environments. We cannot use the regular LCD monitors that we normally use for our computers, laptops or television displays for industrial and military use because they are too delicate to survive the harsh conditions that prevail in military and industrial environment. However, computing has become an integral part of military operations and industrial requirements. In order to meet these special requirements there are specially designed monitors called rugged monitors. As the name suggests rugged monitors are hardy products that are meant to survive harsh conditions.

Designing monitors for such requirements presents a great challenge in terms of hardware requirements and design specifications. One of the factors that has to be endured by rugged monitors is the extreme temperatures. Both processors and monitors have to work properly in very hot conditions as well very cold temperatures. For example, operations that are deployed in desserts the temperature will go very high during the day and during the night it will go to the other extreme and get very cold. So, rugged monitors should withstand such a high fluctuation in the temperature.