An organization may jump out front with a revolutionary idea, but the
only way to stay there is to expand successfully on all fronts. Building on its groundbreaking research, CryoCath has grown to become a well-funded, market-driven corporation. Already successful in major European and Rest-of-World (ROW) markets, CryoCath is extending its leadership to the United States through growing sales of SurgiFrost™ and Freezor® products. CryoCath established its pre-eminence in catheter-based CryoTherapy products for the electrophysiology ablation market with its first commercial product, Freezor®. CryoCath now serves a second major worldwide customer base, cardiac surgeons, with its unique SurgiFrost™ Surgical CryoAblation System for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. CryoCath continues to focus on expanding the distribution and use of both product families to existing and new key markets throughout the world.