ORTHOTICS PROSTHETICS (Appliances, Insoles, Footwear, Homecare Equipment ) url:www.medicus.qc.ca

Médicus offers the latest technology in the field of technical aids to both HealthCare Professionals and Québec's population. Its orthopedic devices were created mainly in collaboration with Québec's most renowned Universities while its technical aids are carefully selected by a qualified and, most of all, sensitive personnel. Médicus has been a leader in the field of technical aids for more than 40 years. Over all these years, numerous innovations have been developed by its different teams of professionals. These specialists invest an invaluable time in researching and testing O&P, Homecare equipment and Orthopedic appliances in order to discover or create the ultimate product or service that will meet patient's needs and offer them a way to a greater autonomy.